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Get 1.5% daily profit
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Stay safe with StakedWallet

Unlike other storage methods, StakedWallet allows you not to be afraid of market volatilityand saves or even increases funds during price drops.

  • Other wallets and exchanges
    BTC 2.00
    1 BTC = 5 735.20 USD –28.31%
    Total loss: –4 529.60 USD
    in 3 months
  • StakedWallet
    BTC 2.00
    1 BTC = 5 735.20 USD –28.31%
    Total gain: +2 696.75 USD
    in 3 months
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What generates income for our clients

StakedWallet Ecosystem

The Proof of Stake ecosystem lets StakedWallet investors get up to 1.5% of income daily. We use all available PoS income generating methods and contribute to technological progress significantly. With new elements added the ecosystem grows while investors’ income is increasing along with it.

  • PoS coin support

    Initial support of new released tokens

  • Pump and Dump

    Stimulation of growth and dropping in PoS tokens price

  • Proof of Stake

    Up to 150% of income a year with a PoS mining method

  • Cryptocurrency exchange

    1% fee on every exchange on the platform

  • Masternode rental

    Renting masternodes for other wallets and exchanges

  • PoS Trading

    Up to 300% a month on PoS tokens trading

  • Cryptocurrency stock

    Coming soon

  • API

    Coming soon

We are among those 0.3% of wallets that share profits
Up to 1.5% daily profit

See how much you earn

By making money with the PoS ecosystem, we can provide our clients stable income of up to 1.5% a day. The longer our clients keep funds on deposit, the more income they generate.

Make your crypto safe

And get up to 1.5% daily profit

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